Amana c3 code

Search for Amana Appliance Parts. Sigma Touchmatic ERC. Browse by Category. I want to thank you for your quick response in getting the part I ordered to me. It works just fine and when my wife is happy everyone in this house is happy. Thanks again, Loren P.

Installation successfully completed. Thanks for your support and the nice merchandise. We like the new racks better than the originals.

Amana ASZ16 Product Specifications

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Recommended to check oven temperature sensor and wiring, replace control board if oven temperature sensor is working. Inspect if the wire connection is tight. Recommended to replace control if failed. Failure of oven temperature sensor or oven temperature sensor circuit.Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. At the end of the summer the tech was out to check the system operation. He had turned the cooling down about 5 degrees below room temp and was checking charge.

We were outside kibitzing and the unit shut off. Thinking it had had reached setpoint I went back inside to turn temp down some more. However noth8ng was running. Since the unit had been operating for 30 minutes this seemed strange. He was stumped so poked around and did not find much and said to call if problem came back. Since then we have not used the cooling so no issues. However we are now in the heating season and we are seeing P3 errors, nothing running and the thermostat showing everything is running.

These errors show up after the system has been pulling for a long time, typically over minutes. After a few minutes the system will start running again. It seems to happen both on Stage 1 and Stage 2. There are no errors showing in the diagnostics logs. I have a tech coming sometime next week really cold snap so I did not push him as a lot of emergency no heat calls.

amana c3 code

Since he was unfamiliar with this error, I am looking to see if anyone has seen this occur and some possible reasons I could gently suggest to him. I have no intention of trying to fix this myself as it is still under the 1 year builders warranty.

Off track a bit, but did anybody register your system, as manufacturers warranty decreases significantly if never registered. Also that thermostat CTK04 needs to be installed with a Goodman communicating system in order to get the Goodman 10 year warranty on that thermostat, guessing your system is communicating. Thanks for the tip.

amana c3 code

Yes everything was registered. By HVAC contractor. I also used the warranty check on the Goodman site to verify. I asked Goodman about the thermostat and was told no need to register it specifically as was part of the system. This came up as I could not find any serial number on it.

I guess I should follow up on the CTK04 to be sure. Originally Posted by penderhvac. Yes everything is registered.

amana c3 code

No rebates were available in Delaware. One more bit of information: It is doubtful that this is caused by a defrost timer. Contractor locator map How-to-apply-for-Professional How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

If they install systems like these they should be versed in troubleshooting these types of system, class room trained as an example, no? Hopefully they send a more seasoned Tech.

Worst case have them call Goodman Technical Support. Originally Posted by Bazooka Joey. Yes I did know about the 10 year warranty but thought that Goodman gave you a compressor. I had an Amana 18 SEER heatpump in my last house and was aware it had a new unit replacement policy but did not know the Goodman badge gave me the coverage. I have not seen any baseline data from the install commissioning so that is something I need to ask about.Repair guides and support for home heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system repair.

Hi my Amanda ac and heating system is showing br when I tried to turn on my ac can anyone help me fixing my ac problem I tried the test it was working good but later on it shows the same code br. Where are you located and how is the regional power grid? Any chance that you are having local power issues? I get four lines instead of two when I am trying to program the unit and it does not let me go any further all i can scroll is 00 to 99?

Power was lost or voltage is low. Francis Gaffney. Just unplug, wait 5 seconds, hold the heat and cool buttons down at the same time not the plus and minus onesplug unit back in while continuing to hold heat and cool buttons down, wait till red light appears next to off button. This will clear the BR and reset unit back to factory defaults.

Marc Rawlins. Posted: August Okay I am at my job at a hotel ans I have a few ptac units that are hooked to thermostat and all of a sudden go into code BR ive resetted unit and still does the same exact thing.

Model is pthg35axxxaa. I have two Amana ptcg50's. I was sweeping the kids room and accidentally ran over the thermostat wire that plugs in below the display panel. It read "F1" immediately and will not reset or turn back on! August 22 by James Hoskins. Fix Your Stuff. Back Answers Index. HVAC Repair guides and support for home heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system repair. View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers.

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Heating and AC. Wall Ovens. Refrigerators Freezers. Washers Dryers. Priced Right. Easy To Use. Quality Products. Amana brand delivers on value. Owner Center Click on the links below to troubleshoot an issue, register a product or find a replacement part.

Troubleshooter Step-by-step guides offer easy solutions. Get help. Registration For warranty and protection benefits, register your product. Register Now. User Manual Lost your manual? Find Manuals. Parts Find the replacement parts you are looking for.

Find Parts. Service Plans Discover more about your extended protection resources. See Service Plans.If the problem has not been corrected, please contact your local dealer or the nearest customer service center. Be prepared to tell them specific malfunctions and the unit model. Freeze Protection Engaged. If a failure is detected on the digital board, there will be a green light constantly lit up. This light is located under the OFF touch pad button. The board will need to enter in the Diagnostic Mode to determine failure code and procedures to follow to correct problem.

The lower right hand dot on the center display flashes in this mode. In most cases, this light indicates that the indoor room filter is dirty should be cleaned or replaced. NOTE: Dirty filters cause the unit to consume more energy than normally needed to condition a room. Once the filter has been cleaned or replaced, the LED should go out.

If the LED is still illuminated after the filter has been cleaned, activate the Diagnostic and Status mode to view any active codes.

The unit may need additional cleaning or maintenance of the evaporator or condenser coils. Please perform this step before calling a servicer. A servicer should be called only if cleaning the filter or coils does not clear the status code or the code indicates that servicer should be called. And we keep that philosophy firmly in mind as we build our industry-leading Amana brand Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners PTACs and air-conditioning and heating products.

This warranty is provided to you by Goodman Company, L. This warranty applies to heating and air conditioning units installed in buildings other than residences.

Different warranties apply to units installed in owner-occupied residences and in residences not occupied by the owner. This warranty does not apply to: Units that are installed outside the United States, its territories, or Canada. Units that are operated in incomplete structures. Units that are installed in residential buildings.

Anyone know what the heck this means? When I toggle the main circuit breaker for the unit, it comes back on. Any ideas on where the problem is? Had it installed by installer.

I went out checked it the other day. It seemed to be defrosting frequent. So i pulled cover it is showing a A-2 code. Ok now i seen a plug with two black wires not plugged to boardcould this be the problem. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. I have a new variable speed goodman 5ton AC and handler.

April 15, Reply. August 8, Reply. Jeff anglin.All outputs are off. The EI-H-I switch is off. The LS switch is off. The compressor and electric heat are switched off. Otherwise, see Con uration guration settings. The power supply voltage is high. Power was lost or voltage is low. The code will reset a cleaning er cleaning. Larger delta between the thermostat and return. FP Freeze Protection Engaged. Fd front desk switch is off.

Open the front desk switch to allow the occupying unit to operate. EH Emergency Hydronic Engaged. The EHH switch is off. The compressor is turned off. Allow open front emergency hydronic switch to occupant unit operation. LS load shedding attached. Open load shedding switch to allow operation of occupancy unit. ON The control is configured to respond to a wired thermostat. No action if a wired thermostat is being used. Otherwise, see configuration settings. Locked room door. With the door open, the unit will not have space.

Closed room door or window. The unit will not be in place due to the door or window being open. This setting will deteriorate when room temperature falls. The front desk needs to be set to Rented Mode if applicable. F Replace the black indoor ambient thermistor or wireless remote thermostat.

F2 wireless remote thermostat failure. Change the wireless thermostat.

Goodman Air Conditioner Error Codes

Replace the Black Indoor Ambient Thermistor. F4 Indoor coil thermistor either above or below operating tolerance. Replace the red indoor coil thermistor. F5 wireless thermostat failure. Try changing the wireless thermostat or replacing the wireless thermostat. F6 Indoor discharge thermistor either above or below operating tolerance. Replace the yellow indoor discharge thermistor. Fb Low Remote Battery Warning. Change the battery in the wireless device.

H1 high voltage protection.Quick Links. Downloaded from www. Parts Limited Warranty, online registration must be completed within. Online registration is not required in California or. Full warranty details available at www.

Our quality manufacturing. Code unit integrity requirements for hurricane-type winds. Expanded Cooling Data Expanded Heating Data Wiring Diagram Table of Contents.

Amanda ac and heating system is showing br

Inverter heat pump condenser units with ra refrigerant blowers, coils, and accessories 88 pages. SS-ASZ16 www. Page 2: Nomenclature Proper sizing and installation of equipment is critical to achieve optimal performance. Split system air conditioners and heat pumps must be matched with appropriate coil components to meet EnergyStar criteria.

Ask your contractor for details or visit www. Page Expanded Heating Data Low pressure is measured at the gauge port connection. Page 21 Low pressure is measured at the gauge port connection. All rights reserved.

Our continuing commitment to quality products may mean a change in specifications without notice. Print page 1 Print document 32 pages.


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