Social work supervision record template

This chapter was fully revised in September and references key links and documents that support and enhance the supervision process and seek to build knowledge and skills.

The chapter contains a number of Appendices, many of which are tools and checklists, and have been amended from the previous chapter. This policy and guidance document on supervision and its link to performance management, learning and development updates and refreshes earlier procedure and guidance.

It aims to put the best interests of children at the heart of practice and to promote renewed focus on:. It acknowledges the multi-disciplinary and team approach to work with children and families in taking account of:.

The purpose of supervision is therefore to improve the service, exercise a duty of care to staff, and support good morale and staff retention. Effective supervision should results in positive outcomes both for people who use services and for the staff who provide those services. In this way we aim to achieve excellence in the service we provide for children and families. Good and outstanding work should be acknowledged at all levels and used to set expectations and provide an example of what good looks like.

There is rich learning from what works well which tends not to get attention and may even be taken for granted and what has not worked so well which tends to get a lot of attention and highlighted as a requiring improvement or inadequate.

Refer to the appropriate registration and professional standards to check any additional requirements. Supervisors should understand the professional role, framework, language and values of supervisees or other professional disciplines. In the case of health professionals, clinical supervision will need to be provided by a person of the same profession.

Example formats for reflective supervision

Similarly qualified social workers will require professional social work supervision if they are supervised by a line manager who is not a social worker by discipline. Evidence available indicates that people who use services are rarely involved in supervision. Service User feedback about their perceptions of good and poor practice could be sought via feedback with direct observation see Appendix F: Recording Non-casework Supervision or via contact or questionnaires as part of auditing.

Compliments and complaints can be helpful in this process and review meetings and conferences can provide an opportunity to obtain feedback. This is most likely to contribute to reflection and task assistance aspects of supervision.

social work supervision record template

Every member of staff is entitled to formal supervision and the frequency will be determined when negotiating the supervision agreement. Employer standards state that for newly qualified social workers this should be:.

The Essential Skills of the BEST Supervisors: Supervision Essentials

Therefore, the frequency and duration of supervision in addition to group supervision will vary from person to person post-ASYE. In this context the supervision will be based on the Supervision Agreement, work and learning and development planning as well as individual performance management and appraisal. The Council exists to provide the best possible service to residents and service users. Work is allocated through line managers and is accountable to line managers through Heads of Service to the Director.

There is an expectation of staff that they will structure their work in the most cost effective manner in providing a quality service.Supervision is a process that involves a manager meeting regularly and interacting with worker s to review their work.

It is carried out as required by legislation, regulation, guidance, standards, inspection requirements and requirements of the provision and the service. The purpose is to monitor tasks and workload, solve problems, support workers in dealing with complex situations and moral and ethical dilemmas and to promote staff development National Occupational Standards.

Supervision aims to provide accountability for both the supervisor and supervisee exploring practice and performance. It also enhances and provides additional evidence for annual performance management and review.

Supervision has a particular focus on developing the supervisee in a way that that is centred on achieving better outcomes for people who use services and their carers. Here you can explore four models of supervision and find practical guidance to help you decide how the models can work in your own practice, highlighting the main benefits, key considerations and good practice.

It is important to note that the guidance provided is flexible and should be adapted to the structure and needs of your organisation.

social work supervision record template

The Scottish Social Services Council, with the University of Stirling, has produced a supervision learning resource which promotes good practice in supervision across social work and social services in Scotland. It provides opportunities to explore experiences and expectations of different types and approaches to supervision. It draws on examples of good practice and includes resources and templates to support the development of supervision. Download the full Supervision Learning Resource or choose from the sections below.

Jit Scotland. Why do supervision? What is supervision? Supervision contracts. Different approaches. Different types of one-to-one. Group supervision. Difficult conversations. Making the transition. Evaluating and reviewing. Examples and templates.A range of measures of supervision have been developed by the Oxford Clinical Supervision Research Group :.

References Bernard, J. Fundamentals of clinical supervision 3rd ed.

Supervision (Clinical/Professional Supervision)

London: Pearson. Milne, D. An empirical definition of clinical supervision. British Journal of Clinical Psychology46 4— Evidence-based clinical supervision: Principles and practice. Clinical supervision is an essential part of psychological therapy. Read more. Maximizing The Effectiveness Of Exposure Therapy Despite its position as the leading treatment technique for anxiety disorders, not all clients respond to exposure therapy and some individuals relaps This information handout desc This information sheet includes example ques Stages Of Change The Stages Of Change model is helpful for conceptualizing the mental states of individuals at different stages of their change journey.

This informati Acquiring and refining CBT skills and competencies: which training methods are perceived to be most effective?. Ten steps to cognitive behavioural supervision. Supervision in the helping professions. Open University Press Pretorius, W. Cognitive behavioural therapy supervsision: recommended practice.I wanted to share with you something that I have made for myself to use for my clinical practice.

It is intended to help me with my documentation via note-taking. I would like to take the opportunity to remind you that the information that follows is for entertainment purposes only and is not considered clinical advice for how to practice social work with your clients.

OMG is right! I have been a happy iPad user for four years and nothing beats pen and paper for taking notes when you are sitting with a client. Also, paper can be shredded and destroyed. In my personal productivity, paper is the best when taking notes in an administrative meeting or clinical setting. Studies show that handwriting notes can be more effective than typing your notes.

A lot of people are writing notes everywhere they are and with whatever is handy so that means on a computer or other digital device or on paper. Paper is still better for a lot of things. Here are just a few of the many reasons paper is still around. Janet writes about her love of paper and I agree with everything she has to say. It helps for documentation purposes and they get shredded immediately after I type up my clinical case note. Below is a template that I created for use for crisis sessions.

This template is an example of a crisis note that I have made. If you are interested in using the Adobe Suite, check with your University to see if you can purchase it inexpensively or use the software in a computer lab.

While this looks like a lot of writing, I am engaged with my client. I write the presenting problem and it helps to provide a direction to best serve the client. I use short-hand case note writing to jot down what I will ultimately be documenting in my case note and this scrap paper is immediately shredded. The above template is available for you to sample to see how I use it.

It is not intended as clinical advice nor does it supersede your own way of practicing clinical social work. Ignacio Pacheco is a clinical social worker and technology enthusiast from Monterey, CA.

This is brilliant. I created something similar in the s, but I like yours much better.All Managers are expected to adhere to the principles and purpose of supervision guidance. Professional supervision is at the core of good social work. It is a dedicated and regular time where practitioners can reflect on their practice, develop their skills and knowledge though support and guidance of an appropriately qualified and experienced manager and agree informed and best interest decisions to progress plans for children.

Good quality supervision should support practitioners to improve outcomes for the people we work with and to ensure that the local authority's statutory responsibility and accountability is properly exercised.

The recommendations from the Social Work Reform Board [1] have developed a number of national standards for employers of social workers to meet. Standard 5 is that employers 'ensure that social workers have regular and appropriate social work supervision'. The details behind this recommendation form the basis of this guidance and the relating procedures. The purpose is to improve the quality of their work to achieve agreed objectives and outcomes.

In social care and children's services this should optimise the capacity of people who use services to lead independent and fulfilling lives. The type of supervision that is primarily referred to in this document is a formal session. There are many other forms of supervision, some of which are listed below. However, they do not replace the right to individual supervision within the frequency described below.

This model involves a group of staff, all involved in the same task, meeting with their supervisor to discuss issues about their work or how they work together as a team. If specific information is discussed regarding a particular case and decisions are made, this should be recorded on Care First.

Brief recording of the group supervision should be recorded and stored by the supervisor. This may mirror the group supervision model, but without it being led by the supervisor. Peer supervision may also take the form of a discussion or guidance from a more experienced worker on individual case issues.

In the absence of a manager and progress needing to be made a brief recording of the peer supervision and the recommendations should be logged and stored by the case responsible worker and brought to the attention of the responsible line manager at the earliest opportunity.

Sample Clinical Supervision Form Template

This model involves a group of staff, all involved in the same task, meeting with their supervisor to: discuss issues about their work, provide casework supervision, delegation of tasks among pod members, and provide a forum for reflective practice. Supervision and the PDR process complement each other. The Councils PDR framework provides the means of recognising and valuing the individual contribution of every employee within the organisation.

The framework should enable every employee to:.

social work supervision record template

The model that Solihull will use is based on the Professional Capabilities Framework developed by the College of Social Work and will be used to plan development appropriate to experience, needs and career aspirations. Although CPD records are owned by the professional, the supervision process should support the process by identifying development opportunities and guiding practitioners in completing CPD.

Evidence of CPD is also the major component to maintaining professional registration. This involves the supervisee keeping a regular log of development activity, including reflection on how the learning has improved practice and benefited others. Supervision provides an opportunity to review progress, explore development activities and to verify registration.

The British Association of Social workers has described some of the main functions of supervision as supporting [3] :.SignNow's web-based software is specifically made to simplify the arrangement of workflow and optimize the whole process of competent document management. Use this step-by-step instruction to fill out the Board of social work examiners maryland form promptly and with ideal accuracy. By utilizing SignNow's comprehensive platform, you're able to carry out any needed edits to Board of social work examiners maryland form, make your personalized digital signature in a couple of fast actions, and streamline your workflow without the need of leaving your browser.

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